1. Increase revenue by 16%

  • It is reported that diners who order using technology such QR Code contactless ordering, spend 12% more due to strategic add-ons.

  • Researches show that diners pay 20% more tip on average.

  • Reduce your wait staff by 33%.

2. Reduce wait staff

  • Our research shows that restaurants using our software can reduce their wait staff by 33%.

2. Reduced wait times

  • Users can order directly using their smartphone, when they are ready, without waiting for a waiter.

  • Users can pay with any credit/debit card using their smartphone without waiting for a POS.

3. Better customer service

  • Tables will be available faster.

  • Disable the menu items that are not being served so you never have to say "Sorry we don't server this today".

  • Modify your digital menu anytime even when diners are ordering.

4. More efficient business operations

  • Edit your menu as many times as you like.

  • Monitor your stock, cost and revenue.

  • Put your stock ordering on autopilot.