Why should I switch?

How is it all $0/month?

Can guests pay with their phone?

What if guests don't want to use their phone?

Can I have multiple KDS with different stations?

What kind of device do I need for KDS?

Will I get an email notification when a new order is submitted for Online Orders?

Can I update my digital menu?

Do I need internet connection to see the orders in the kitchen(KDS)?

Can I have multiple menus(Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner)? and have different serving times?

Can I disable an item for a day?

Can guests call a waiter from their phone?

Will my stock/supplies update automatically?

Do I have to manually enter the invoices or it is done automatically?

How does the automatic vendor ordering feature works?

Is your loyalty program a "Points Program" or "Cash Back Loyalty Program"?

When should I contact the support team?