Inventory Management System For Restaurants - SmartiREST

Cloud-based Inventory Management System For Restaurants

Integrated in our POS

Smartirest Inventory Management System For Restaurants

+ AI Invoice Scanning

No More Manual Data Entry

SmartiREST's AI powered invoice processing will handle the data entry for you.

Automatic Stock Counter

Our software keeps track of you stock based on the orders.

Automatic vendor ordering

Automaticlly sends email to venders so you never run out of items again.

One System for Your Entire Restaurant

Eliminate costs and stress associated with maintaining separate apps.

Easy Setup

Stocks and recipes only need to be added once. Our system takes care of adjusting your stock levels automatically, resulting in a more efficient and worry-free experience.


Maximize your kitchen's efficiency and profitability with real-time insights. Our solution provides up-to-date information on your cost, profit, waste and order completion time, impowering you to make informed decisions that drive success.

Smart Stock Management

Stay ahead by receiving timely notifications when your ingredients reach a specified threshold. Additionally, enable automatic ordering and sit back as your suppliers receive your orders via email or text once you reach a threshold, streamlining your supply chain for effortless inventory control.

Start Today

  • Manage details like quantities and prices easily from the dashboard.

  • Gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions with our built-in sales tracking feature.

  • Effortlessly keep your inventory up-to-date with our AI digital invoice extraction feature.

  • Keep an eye on your inventory and optimize your menu to make the most out of every ingredient.