One-Stop Restaurant POS Platform

Eliminate cost and stress associated with maintaining separate apps

  • Contactless Ordering
  • Online Ordering
  • Kitchen Display System
  • Inventory Management
  • Staff Scheduling
  • Direct Marketing


The most enhanced all-in-one POS, engineered to boost sales and lower costs

Provide an exceptional customer experience

Increase sales and save money

Proven to boost revenue by 16%

3D Menu

Transform your restaurant's online presence

With 80% of customers checking online menus before choosing a restuarant, it's time to elevate your online presence and attract more hungry customers.

Mobile menu

Dine-in Contactless Ordering And Payment

Elevate customer experience

Reduces wait-time

Increases table turnover rate

Direct Marketing

Unlock the power of repeat business

Research shows that only 10% of customers visit the same restaurant twice

Turn one-time customers into regulars and watch your profits soar

All In One Package

At an affordable price for every restaurant
QR Contactless Ordering and Payment
Kitchen Display System
3D Menu
Online Ordering
Inventory Management
Loyalty Program
Email/SMS Direct Marketing

How does tableside ordering and payment work?

Easy setup + No App-installation

By placing your QR code menus on your tables, enable your diners to order and pay directly using just their smart-phone.

QR Menu on Smartphone
Kitchen Display System


After an order is submitted:

  • An order is sent directly to the kitchen for the chef to prepare.
  • Diner gets notified when their order is ready to be served.
  • The ingredients are directly deducted from your stock, by our inventory system.
  • If stock gets low, an order can be directly sent to your vendor.
  • Once, all the items are paid for, table can be removed from the KD.

No Data Entry

Cloud-based inventory management system

Our software is designed to help you with time consuming tasks such as data-entry. Just upload your invoice and let our AI powered invoice processing system enter all the data for you.

Kitchen Display System

Holding the SmartiREST Logo


"SmartiREST not only increased the number of our customers but also reduced our costs."Koz

Discover the success stories of our restaurant clients

Mobile order at the table
Moblie Ordering

Place the QR codes on the tables and let the diners order and pay comfortably using their phone

3D Menu Items (AR)
3D Metaverse Menu Item

Let the diners see your menu items on their table before ordering

Online menu creating tool
Online Menu Creating Tool

Create your online menu with some simple clicks and be ready to server your diners

Table payment after the food is served
Table Payment After the Food is Served

No more waiting for the POS terminal, let the diners pay when they are ready

Payment + Tip option
Payment and Tip Option

Accept any kind of Credit/Debit card

Live menu update
Live Menu Update Features

Not serving burgurs today? Want to change prices? No problem

Live orders in the kitchen
Live orders in the kitchen (KDS)

Prepare the orders as they are placed

Inventory Management
Inventory Management

Worried about forgetting to place an order to your supplier?

Financial Report
Revenue and Sales Report

Want to know which item is the most profitable?

All our plans include 0% commission online ordering for restaurants

Learn More About Our Solutions:

About Us

SmartiREST is a software company that provides the most enhanced contactless ordering and payment system to restaurants, hotels and grocery stores. The setup for restaurants is super easy and no app-installation is required, our cloud-based software runs on all devices. For the diner/user side, a phone is all that is needed.

At SmartiREST, we believe that restaurants of any size should be able to use cutting edge technologies to increase their revenue without spending any money [See Pricing Here]. We are here not to just help you increase revenue but also reduce your responsibilities so you focus on more important things.

Our services:

  • Contactless Ordering and Payment
  • Virtualized Ordering - 3D Menu Items
  • Online Ordering
  • Inventory Management
  • AI-enabled Invoice Scanning
  • Loyalty Program
Contactless ordering in a coffee shop