Let your guests see the food in 3D before ordering

Metaverse Menu Item 2

Diners' view

3D model

Note: The quality of the 3D model depends on the quality of the provided video.

Use Cases

Dine-in Ordering

Diners can see a life-sized 3D view of each item before ordering, using just their smartphone

Online Ordering

Online ordering is difficult. 3D menu makes it easy for them to not only see the exact portion size but also see the food in detail

Social Media Advertisement

Run ads on Facebook and Instagram and let your target customers have a small virtual bite


Customer Satisfaction

Displaying a 3D view of your menu items can build a customer's trust in the dish and confidence in their order

Easy Setup

Upload a 30-60 seconds video of each item and our designers will take care of the rest for you

Customer Retention

People love exploring new technologies. Attract more customers by showcasing your menu in 3D

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Our interactive digital menu allows your diners to place your 3D menu items on their table with just a few clicks. An smartphone is all that is needed to scan your menu QR-Code. No app installation is required.

Your customers expect a pleasant and comfortable atmosphere without unwanted disturbance. Our software is designed to improve your customer experience by providing contactless ordering and payment, virtualized ordering, and loyalty program.

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  • Reducing your wait staff by 33%
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  • Most importantly, reduce your stress so you can concentrate on more important things

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