The Future of Contactless Ordering and Payment in Restaurants

Upgrade your restaurant today and give your customers a seamless and convenient dining experience.


Reduce Costs

Boost Table Turnover Rate


QR Code

Diners scan the QR codes by just opening their camera app and pointing it at the QR code.


Ordering mobile view

Order directly using just a smartphone. Each person at a table can order and pay separatly. Diners can add items to their order even after submitting one.


Contactless Payment

Pay with any debit or credit card using just your smartphone. Diners can easily split the bill or pay for other people. We have partnered with Stripe to handle the payments fast and securly.

Once the order is submitted, it pops up in the kitchen display.

What's Included

Digital Menu

Restaurant Menu

Custom QR Codes

Contactless Mobile Order and Payment

Contactless Mobile Order and Payment

Contactless Mobile order and Payment

Bill Split

Bill Spliting

Menu Theme Customization

Menu Theme Customization

Multiple Menus (breakfast, lunch and dinner)

Multiple Menus Options

Kitchen Display System

KDS - Kitchen Display System

Waiter / Manager System

Waiter - Manager System

Order-Process Notification

Order-Process Notification

How can SmartiREST help you?

Increase Revenue

Our contactless ordering system is designed to increase your revenue. It is reported that diners who order using technology, spend 12% more due to strategic add-ons. Moreover, our research show that diners tip 20% more on average. Our contactless ordering allows you to reduce your wait staff by 33% because diners can easily submit their order using just their smartphone and once they are ready to pay, they can pay without having to wait for a POS machine.

Eliminate Unnecessary Costs

Most restaurants change their menu 2-3 times a year to reflect new dishes, special offers, price changes or due to just wear and tear. Our software allows you to edit your menu as many times as you'd like, even when diners are looking at your menu.

Restaurants generate 1.5 billion pounds of paper waste per year on receipts. With SmartiREST, your diners get a digital receipts and your cooks see the orders on the kitchen display which is easier to read and manage.

Better Customer Service

Have you been in the situatuation where you had to say "Sorry we don't server this today"?

  • Mark items that are not served as "not serving" and your diners would only see the items but would not be able to order them.
  • With SmartiREST, everything is automated, your ingredients would be adjusted after each order and once you are low on stock, an email will be automatically sent to your vendor (If this feature is disabled by you, an email will be sent to you to notify you).

Contactless ordering improves your customer service since the tables become available faster to your guests. Since diners can order and pay using their smartphone, they do not have to wait for your waitstaff to bring them the payment machine.

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